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Risesmart Insight™ Now Benefits Canadian Employers

RiseSmart announced that RiseSmart Insight™ is now available to the growing base of Canadian customers. Industry’s first, real-time outplacement platform provides HR teams with analytics, reporting and transparency throughout the entire transition process.


RiseSmart, the leading provider of contemporary career transition services, announced that RiseSmart Insight™ is now available to the growing base of Canadian customers. RiseSmart Insight also gives organizations visibility into exiting employee sentiment and thereby provides insights into the impact of outplacement services on an employer’s brand.

RiseSmart Insight gives HR teams transparency throughout the entire career transition process—from overseeing an impacted employee’s job search to measuring the return on their outplacement investment. The on-demand SaaS platform tracks actionable outplacement metrics, including employee engagement, landing rates and satisfaction scores in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Administrators can review, analyze and comment on metrics while HR managers can leverage the information to drive smarter business decisions. RiseSmart Insight also includes an “Alumni Sentiment Rating,” which is a reputation performance indicator that measures how impacted employees feel about their most recent employer. It informs HR teams, in a quantifiable manner, how employees felt about the handling of separation events and the efficacy of outplacement services – both valuable ROI insights.

“Our Canadian customers have been clamoring for the on-demand analytics that Insight provides,” said RiseSmart’s General Manager in Canada, Laurie Compartino. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our Canadian customers this level of outplacement tracking and insight – especially at a time when companies are eager to keep their fingers on the pulse of their employer brands.”

Fully localized in Canadian French and English, RiseSmart Insight allows HR professionals to visualize data, in real-time, from an all-in-one platform, instead of having to download and manually manipulate raw data. It enables secure transmission of sensitive HR data and simplifies the management of outplacement eligibility lists.

“Insight has been very popular with our US-based customers because it delivers outplacement data in context, giving HR the information to make decisions that improve their processes before, during, and after a layoff,” stated Vice President of Products, Michael Gray. “Now Canadian organizations can also benefit from an outplacement platform that presents actionable data and insights, in real-time.”

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