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Language learning platform LingQ offers Danish and Slovak

Go all the way to fluency in Danish and Slovak and enjoy the journey


Language learners can now go all the way to fluency in Danish and Slovak on context-based language learning platform LingQ.

LingQ’s learning system is based on learning a language while reading, listening and acquiring new words and phrases in context from interesting content. Members can import anything in their target language to learn from: blog posts, podcasts, news articles, song lyrics, novels, whatever they’re interested in. There are also 1000s of hours of text and audio lessons in the LingQ Library.

LingQ CEO and online polyglot Steve Kaufmann had this to say of the addition of Danish and Slovak: “The addition of beta languages on LingQ is picking up speed. Danish and Slovak learners may be fewer than is the case for some other languages, but for people like me who are learning these languages it's great to have interesting content to learn from.”

About the company
LingQ ( is an online language learning platform and community with over one million members from all over the world who help each other learn over 20 languages.

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