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Regimen, Consumable Protein in Pre-measured Edible Pouches

Introducing - Regimen, featuring GPAC™ edible pouch technology. A consumable protein product as simple as Drop Shake Go! Simply drop the protein pouch in cold water, shake for 30 seconds, and enjoy!


Consumable Resources, LLC, announces an evolution in nutrition - Regimen, featuring GPAC™ edible pouch technology.

Regimen is a consumable protein product that is as simple as Drop Shake Go! Simply drop a the protein pouch in cold water, shake for 30 seconds, and enjoy! The portable protein is contained in an edible vegetable pouch that dissolves along with the protein! Regimen is now available for sale through the "Snub The Tub" facebook page - or the website at

Regimen Portable Pouches are for the consumer who is concerned about what they are putting in their body and how they are impacting the planet. It’s gluten free with no added hormones (rBGH free). No added sugars or artificial colors – and made in the USA! Having a portable protein that easily dissolves, including the edible vegetable pouch, is important to anyone concerned with their carbon footprint and waste. Regimen has a significant impact on CO2 emissions through the reduction of fuel used in shipping, it reduces plastic waste in landfills, and it reduces trash left-over from packaging. This product was designed with intention.

An industry first, Regimen is about getting the protein you want, when you want, where you want it – without lugging around a tub! It’s Eco-Friendly, delivered in 100% recyclable packaging (vs. landfill-bound Protein Tubs). It’s Satisfyingly Delicious, formulated for function with high quality, great tasting flavors.

Since being named the winner of the Sports Nutrition category of the 2016 SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Award - consumers have been waiting for retail availability. Regimen is being shipped now - available in Cookies N Cream or unflavored and in five or ten gram pouches.

Regimen can be purchased at
Retailers can contact for information.
Manufacturers - private labeling of GPAC pouch technology is available.

About Consumable Resources: Consumable Resources offers products that are good for your body and good for the planet. Consumable Resources is the distributor for Regimen with GPAC™ pouch technology - a precision nutritional delivery system that offers high-quality functional protein for men and women alike - no matter your regimen, workout, or sport. Using the only 100% FOOD GRADE edible film, you now can have your powders anywhere at any time - so convenient to stick to your Regimen!
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