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GM Premium Tool’s Angeleizer Design Tool Now Available on Amazon

The Angeleizer listed on their Amazon Page is a versatile multi-purpose design tool for handymen


GM Premiums Tools has announced that its Angeleizer design template tool is now available on Amazon. The product listed on their Amazon Page is a versatile multi-purpose design tool for handymen. The company continuously develops tools which can be used for cutting, trimming, laying bricks, creating shapes as well as measuring angles and distances. Amazon users can now order for this tool on and will receive their purchases in the company’s promised delivery period which could vary with country.

“As most of the buyers prefer online shopping rather than visiting the retail outlets especially for items like this Angeleizer Template Tool," said GM Premium Products CEO, Mr. Gil Morhaim. "Listing this product on Amazon will help us in expanding our footholds across the globe that we were trying to do it through our conventional network."

As per the release issued by the company, the tool can conveniently be delivered to the customers’ premise and take advantage of express shipping through Amazon Prime. This versatile tool which comes with a durable multicolored pencil has a wide range of uses for Carpenters, Craftsmen and Project Planners, in design projects where accurate measures needed and on the go tools are needed.

GM Premium Tools Ltd, which was launched in 2016, was the subject of much debate following the perceived higher quality of its products compared to other products in the international domain. While a few competitors still question the service guaranteed by the company on the Angeleizer Tool, GM has used Amazon to reach out to the critics based on the impressive number of positive reviews written on their Amazon page by customers on the product. Many users of the tool are actually impressed by the fact that a ruler can be used to cut, lay bricks, create shapes as well as the conventional use in measuring distances.

“GM Premium Tools is committed to innovation in our products line and our business practices, and as such, Amazon is an exciting way for us to reach customers in more remote locations, who may not be near one of our distributor partners. We hope to serve new customers through this convenient option, while, of course, our established customers are still welcome to use our knowledgeable distributor channels and as well as this new user-friendly platform to order for the template tool." Mr. Gil Morhaim added.

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