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Voice Changer Software updates with new signing certificate

Audio4fun updates new code signing certificate for Voice Changer Software Diamond with DigiCert certification in order to better protect valued members with trusted cyber security and transparent information.


Audio4fun, one of the leading companies in multimedia processing tools for over 17 years, announced today that its best-selling product, Voice Changer Software Diamond, has a new code signing certificate issued by DigiCert. This major update will help to better ensure the authenticity and integrity on all Windows versions. More information about voice changer can be found at

Better authenticity and integrity

For over a decade, DigiCert has been providing cyber security solutions to tens of thousands of brands both large and small, securing more than 8 billion web connections every day, and is trusted by top companies in numerous industries around the world. Therefore, DigiCert is a great choice for Audio4fun to digitally sign and update its new Code Signing Certificate for the best-selling product, Voice Changer Software Diamond. With this update, all users will know that:

The software they are using came exactly from its verified publisher.
The software is not altered by third parties after publication.

The code signing also provides great support to improve authenticity and integrity of the software on all Windows versions. The digitally signed software provides a smooth installation process and better malware security:

Windows can automatically detect that the software is from a trusted publisher and will not show any warning message about an unsigned software.
100% safe from viruses and other malware. All users are welcomed to analyze the installation file on VirusTotal.

Transparent information

Besides better security, transparency is also a notable point to enhance Audio4fun’s professional reputation regarding Voice Changer Software Diamond. When checking the certificate under the download file, users will be able to see all information including its publisher, valid duration and security solution provider. Additionally, the information is also displayed during the installation process. When installing new programs, users are usually asked to allow new changes to their computer. Now, instead of an unknown source, with the code signing certificate, the install will show the verified company’s name. Therefore, all users will know that the software is really from its reputable publisher and can be trusted.

“Ultimately, the code signing certificate does not only protect users, but also protects our product, our online identity and brand reputation,” said Chris R.F., Head of Quality Administration. “When digitally signed, the software will ensure a smooth download and professional installation process with greater transparency. All users can view the certificate with all the information inside, at any time and also know that it’s 100% safe. Thus, it will be safer for users when installing, and will also help us maintain a stronger brand image.”

To better protect users in cyber security and improve brand reputation, Audio4fun gets a new code signing certificate with DigiCert for its best-selling Voice Changer Software Diamond. This update promises to help all users feel more at ease when downloading, installing and using the professionally secured software from a trusted publisher. All readers can visit for more in-depth specifications.

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