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A creative and interactive children's book that builds self-esteem in today's youths one positive image and message at a time


August 17, 2017: Inspiration2Empower Press has proudly announced the release of an all new coloring book written by a budding Author, 7 year old, Ah'Myah Monae McKinley of Prince George’s County, Maryland. The young Ah’Myah has worked dedicatedly with her Aunt, an inspiring as well as bestselling Indie Author, Merci L. McKinley to create and self-publish this astonishing coloring book. Now available on Amazon for sale, this coloring book is designed to build self-esteem in today's youth with one positive image at a time.

“The 7 Year old Ah'Myah Monae McKinley is the creative visionary and Author of this coloring book titled ‘You Can Be Anything You Want To Be’ and she has worked really hard with her natural creative talent to create this impactful coloring book.” said Merci L. McKinley, the Owner of Inspiration2Empower Press TM and the aunt of Ah’Myah Monae McKinley. “Ah'Myah wanted to empower kids in her age group to aspire to be something great and to give them the encouragement along the way to do it.” she added.

In addition, this inspiring coloring book has 28 pages and each page is a message to the kids by a kid. According to Merci McKinley, Ah’Myah will continue to work harder to create more projects for the kids in the days to come. Merci herself is an inspiring and bestselling author of several great books that have inspired many people from all generations. Moreover, she is also an impactful motivational speaker and a poetess who writes on several topics of great importance.

Besides this new coloring book published by Merci’s Inspiration2Empower Press, the company has also recently published ‘The Harvest’. It is an inspiring book by Merci McKinley written for everyone, especially the Christian women as a devotional guide. There is a great number of men and women along with the youth that have been inspired by the teachings and the work of Merci and have congratulated her on this success. The new coloring book by her niece will also play a major role in spreading the message of positivity, love and inspiration among the young generation.

‘You Can Be Anything You Want To Be’ is Available on Amazon at the link below:

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