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First American Merchant Offers Merchants Working Capital Loans

First American Merchant is one of the top-rated high risk loan providers – who offer merchants working capital loans to help businesses when in need.


First American Merchant, is one of the US's top high risk loan providers, they offer a variety of payment services to merchants – and one of the rarest and most sought-after is a working capital loan.

While many merchants think that cash is king, most know that sometimes cash isn't always available. This is where a working capital loan comes in. Working capital loans are not used for high-dollar or long-term financing options, however, it is a great option for those who need to cover short-term business funding. Whether you need extra funds for payroll, new stock, or even to pay an industry fine, FAM's working capital loan options may work for you and your business.

With many high risk industries, there are high and low seasons for revenue. This is also where a working capital loan can help your business. With your high-season revenue guarantee, the working capital loan to help cover expenses during the low-season can help keep your business operating comfortably.

With FAM's working capital loan program, repayments are easy. Unlike a bank loan where you have to make a lump sum payment monthly, FAM's payments are taken directly from your sales. When you process a credit card payment, a small percentage is taken from the payment. This eliminates the fear of defaulting on your loan, and eliminates the need for costly collateral.
FAM's merchants can take advantage of a working capital loan – even if they have credit issues. This would never happen with your neighborhood bank! Contact FAM today for more information about their working capital loans.

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Phone: 1-800-210-5649