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How FAM Can Help You Obtain a Merchant Cash Advance

FAM, First American Merchant, is one of the nation's top high risk merchant account providers. In addition to their merchant accounts, FAM offers their merchants the option of obtaining a merchant cash advance.


A merchant cash advance is a lump sum of capital you repay using a portion of your daily credit card transactions. In laymen's terms, the cash you borrow isn't repaid in a lump monthly sum, but instead by every credit card transaction you make. When a purchase is made, a small amount of that purchase goes to repaying FAM.

With FAM's merchant cash advance, there is no risk of defaulting on your loan – since this isn't a loan, and since there isn't a monthly deadline for a payment. Also, there isn’t a risk of losing collateral or having your credit score tank, since a merchant cash advance isn't a loan.

When you are approved for a merchant cash advance (which is easy, by the way), you can access your funds in a little as 5 business days! This time period is unheard of with any loan! So, instead of waiting on the bank to call you with bad news, let FAM do the work for you. If you have little or no collateral, limited business history, or a low credit rating, merchant cash advances could be a solution to your financing problems.

FAM employs a dedicated team of professional to help you and your business prosper. With one of the highest acceptance rates in the US, you can rest assured that your business is a top priority for FAM. Whether you have bad credit, a bankruptcy, or are in a high risk industry, FAM's merchant cash advance program may be the lifeline your business needs.

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