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OnDemand is Shaping the Cybersecurity Industry providing elite security testing services such as vulnerability management, network penetration testing and email phishing simulations.


In an annual report released by the Ponemon Institute of Cyber Crime and Hewlett Packard, the estimated cost of cyber attacks for US companies averaged over $17 million in 2016. With more than 4,000 corporate cyber attacks happening per day, the national demand for preventative cybersecurity services is on the rise and Jacksonville, FL-based OnDefend has proven itself to be up to the challenge.

“With threats growing on a daily basis, OnDefend has made it its mission to not only strengthen each client’s security profile, but also help them continue to move up the overall security maturity curve,” said Chris Freedman, Co-Founder - Business Operations & Development.

As a leader in cybersecurity testing and remediation, OnDefend has become the reliable preventative source within the relatively new cybersecurity industry, providing elite security testing services such as vulnerability management, network penetration testing, application testing and email phishing simulations.

OnDefend is also revolutionizing cybersecurity service offerings by providing all of its clients access to its proprietary web-based vulnerability management system called VManage. Currently a value-add to its core testing services, VManage helps OnDefend clients efficiently and effectively prioritize, track and fix their vulnerabilities.

“Engaging security testing is not worth the money unless the vulnerabilities we find are remediated. This is why we provide our clients the tools they need to successfully secure their IT environments quickly and affordably,” said Ben Finke, Co-Founder - Information Security Operations & Management.

Based out of Northeast Florida and servicing corporations throughout the US, OnDefend provided its cybersecurity testing services to over 60 national health care institutions, three national mortgage enterprises, one national financial institution as well as over 25 mid-market clients in 2016 alone.

About OnDefend:

OnDefend helps prevent corporate cyber attacks before they happen by strengthening their client’s IT security posture through cybersecurity testing and remediation management solutions and is quickly becoming a leader in global cybersecurity testing services. Having combined several cybersecurity and IT firms to create OnDefend, they have the combined resources to not only understand how to dynamically test environments and applications, but can also statically test while developing products and solutions to continually improve their overall cybersecurity offering.

OnDefend provides their security services directly to companies across the United States and around the globe with client’s sizes range from fortune 500 to mid-sized regional corporations. Additionally, OnDefend delivers their services through strategic partnerships with third party managed service providers to help them round off, supplement or scale their current offerings to meet increasing market demand.


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