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Author Delores Miles Announces New Children's Book Release, 'Don't Be Afraid, Be Brave'

Miles, through a story featuring Daisy the wise Westie, hopes to help kids understand they are not alone with their feelings and fears. The new children's book is slated for release in late 2017.


Author Delores Miles has announced the upcoming release of a new book for kids, 'Don't Be Afraid. Be Brave'.

A recent article on listed the Top 10 toddler fears, which included things like fear of the dark, monsters and even the weather. Another piece on listed movies, nightmares, war and others. In short, kids hold many fears. It is up to parents to help them overcome that long list of fears. Delores Miles' upcoming kids book will help parents help children overcome those fears through an engaging story about sharing their feelings and their fears.

'Don’t Be Afraid. Be Brave' is a story written to help children age 1 to 10 realize they are not alone with their feelings and fears. With sensitivity and humor, it allows each reader realize it is okay to openly share their fears. They will see the main characters, Lizzie and Ben have many of their same fears. Daisy, the wise talking Westie, helps her young owners to overcome these fears with reason and understanding. Daisy is a safe messenger to take away the burden of unfounded fears that children carry each day.

"Working as an educator for 41 years, I witnessed the pain children endured because of their fears," Miles stated. "All children have many fears in common. I wrote this book to help them see that it is ok to be afraid but also many fears are unfounded and can be relieved with a simple explanation. Daisy the wise Westie does just that in the book. Parents will not be disappointed."

The new children's book is slated for release on December 1, 2017.

Delores is a cross-genre writer and is also the author of a romantic fiction novel, 'Never My Love'. 'Never My Love' has received very positive reviews. One review said, "What a delightful step back in time! Felt as if I was looking through old photo albums from the 60s ... with the radio on. Babyboomers, get ready to relate, but have a Kleenex ready . . ." Another stated, "Being a teenager in the late 60's made the book even more interesting to me. I couldn't put it down." Another said, "Loved the interweaving of the story, the history of the era and the beloved musical references."

Delores Miles is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Never My Love' is available in print and ebook form at online retailers. More information is available at her website.

About Delores Miles:

Delores Miles grew up in a small Texas town in the 1960s. She holds two master’s degrees from Texas A&M Commerce and a postgraduate degree from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. After forty-one years in the field of education, she retired to pursue her love of writing. She has two grown children. She and her husband John, split seasons between their ranch in Durango, Colorado, and their home in Dallas, Texas.

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