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Gurd: A UFO Story..A myth that is too real.

A 14 year old boy and his sister go on a trip that may cost them their life. He has been scared of UFO stories. Yes, he has been scared of UFO stories his entire life.


A UFO story is going to be made into a series, and this is the first book of this series.

He is a 14 year old boy who is actually quite scared of UFO's. He is not scared of just UFO's but also anything that is a mystery. The thing is he is caught up into a mystery when he and his sister are in a tent near the Grand Canyon. Even though he is quite terrified by UFO's.

In the end he must face his fears, and I mean truly face his fears. This interesting and suspenseful short story is truly a work of art that is going to be made into a series.

This is a on amazon kindle that needs exposure!


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Dominic Ramos
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