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Skeletal Disease Drug Development Pipeline Examined by GBI Research in New Report Available at

The new report covering the skeletal drug development pipeline prepared by GBI Research has been recently added at This report presents access to the updated info on the pipeline and market landscape.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is recognized as one of the most common forms of arthritis. It is a chronic disorder characterised by the cartilage breaks down. The major symptoms of OA include stiff or sore joints, bone spurs, grating sensation and pain, which is worse after activity. The key risk factors comprise obesity, older age and joint injuries. The existing treatment options include surgery, medications (like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)) and exercise.

Osteoporosis makes bones weak and more likely to break. The main risk factors comprise being female, aging, low sex hormones, menopause, low bode weight, some medication, smoking, amid others. The most common subtype of osteoporosis – postmenopausal osteoporosis; it affects many women after menopause, and the key symptoms include loss of height over time, back pain, bone fracture, stooped posture, etc. key existing option to prevent and treat these disorders comprise vitamin D and calcium, exercise and some other medications.

At present, the postmenopausal osteoporosis pipeline includes 13 products, OA pipeline – 116 products. The major targets within OA include prostaglandin G/H synthases 1 and 2, however, a broad spectrum of targets, encompassing extracellular matrix-organizing proteins and interleukins, are still being studied. Besides, within both osteoporosis and the post-menopausal subtype, a great number of molecular target are also being explored; the major ones include sclerostin, parathyroid hormone receptor and tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 11.

The new topical report “Skeletal Disease Drug Development Pipeline Review, 2017” (available at prepared by GBI Research offers an in-depth overview of the global skeletal disease pipeline landscape. This research study uncovers comprehensive info on the therapeutic options under development and the most active participants engaged in therapeutic development for post-menopausal osteoporosis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The report covers the prominent approaches at each stage of the examined pipeline within each indication. Besides, the report discusses the main R&D milestones, reviews the recent pipeline developments and innovations, and gives reliable data on the key marketed products and products under development.

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