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Alternative Temp - Open for Business

Alternative Temp is a startup founded by a female entrepreneur – Kay-ce Eagan. The company is based Tampa, Florida. The Alternative Temp site is currently the company’s main project.


The founder of the Alternative Temp (, Kay-ce Eagan, believes that outsourcing administrative, Human Resources, and IT departments have the power to drive the small business owner to ways of the future. The site enables small business owners to outsource aspects of their business to keep it overhead cost low and efficient high. Alternative Temp is available today for small business owners; as well as, job seekers looking for their next position with a great company.

“With Alternative Temp, you’re going to see actual results with a flat rate pricing that helps keep your small business functioning, while we handle your office needs virtually,” explained Eagan. “The site introduces a more cost-efficient way of doing business in today’s economy. In addition, Alternative Temp offers off-site firing with options to fill your needs; plus, offer jobs to the terminated employee(s). The overhead of hiring workers to do jobs in-house can eat away at a small business until it is forced to closed or reduced to operating in the red. Our hope is that clients will be able to easily find affordable solutions to their heavy overhead needs through our diverse services for a flat rate fee. You pay for what you need.”

Alternative Temp is a virtual outsourcing option for small business owners to utilizes to keep their business progressing towards their goals. Alternative Temp is effortlessly simple to meet the needs of the small business owner. First, a client reaches out to us with an email or phone call. We get to know the business owner’s needs. A fee is paid based on the needs of the business. Then, we partner with the business to make it great.

Currently, Alternative Temp’s founder is focusing the marketing efforts on the US major cities. In the near future, they plan to expand their horizons to include Central and South America, where web-based companies are decidedly on the rise. Alternative Temp also has innovative new services in the works that will firm up the company’s position as a pioneer in the virtual office space.

“Internet technologies continue to make the world of business more efficient place,” concluded Eagan. “We believe that Alternative Temp can be a crucial tool for anyone who wants to forge genuine business solutions, find strong employees, and create lasting success.”

Contact Info
Alternative Temp
23051 Eagles Watch Dr,
Tampa, FL 34639

Phone: 8134822238