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Tri State Sports Recruits College Graduates and Interns

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The CEO discussed the mutual benefits of hiring entry-level graduates and interns and how it impacts the beginning of their careers as well as the company culture.


Upon the completion of the semester for full time students, Tri State Sports seeks to recruit eager entry-level candidates to enter their Management Training Program.

Paul, the CEO, conveyed how the growing demand of their MLB clientele fosters a climate for growth within Tri State Sports and how that applies to the potential of an entry level candidate.

“With clients like professional sports teams, we have a lot of room to expand, so that opens up the doors for quick growth progression for entry level team members,” Paul said. “We have a company culture that promotes growth from within into senior management roles.”

“The immediate benefit for an entry level college graduate or an intern is gaining instant experience and training in leadership and the management of people,” Paul said. “Those skills will transfer into any role in any industry.”

Paul added that Tri State Sports diversifies itself from other organizations that are accepting entry level applicants because of the caliber of their client base. Tri State Sports not only works with Fortune 500 clients, but they also partner with professional sports teams across baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

“Our company culture reflects the feeling of being a part of a sports team,” Paul said. “Our environment has the same family feel and camaraderie that being on a team offers.”

Paul elaborated on the primary qualifications that entry-level candidates must possess, and the reasoning behind hiring those with little to no professional experience.

“When I hire entry level college graduates and interns, I primarily focus on their confidence, competitiveness and people skills,” Paul said. “There’s a lot to be said for hiring recent college graduates and interns; it’s like starting with a blank canvas.”

“When interns or college graduates join our team, they haven’t yet developed bad habits,” Paul added. “It works because we have a proven system for developing talented people and putting them on a fast track for growth.”

Paul discussed that additional benefits for starting with Tri State Sports for college graduates and interns alike include earning potential of between $500.00 and $800.00 per week and/or earning credits toward their degree. He plans to hire about 30 entry-level candidates by the end of summer 2017.


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