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Azerbaijan targets UAE government travelers by Participating in the 08th Dubai Government Travel Road

The successful event was organized by Dnata and saw many police officials get special offers and discounted travel rates to various other travel destinations


The Representative Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan in GCC on Monday announced that it participated in 08th Governmental Travel Roadshow organized by Dnata at the Dubai Police Headquarters.

Azerbaijan took the opportunity to showcase what the country has to offer to the staff and members of the Dubai Police. The show was reportedly successful and the representatives at the event were awarded a certificate of participation.

The Dubai based Office said it would like to step up in expanding the geography of visiting tourists from UAE by taking the information about Azerbaijan right to the doorsteps of the people who need it.

After attracting thousands of tourists from Middle East Last year through to this year, the country is keen to “beckon” more tourists from UAE to help drive the tourism sector.

Azerbaijan is a country with a rich ancient history and has thousands of places to visit, ranging from the capital to the unique villages lost in the clouds. The Azerbaijani people are also well known for their hospitality while the country’s nature with its climate, beauty and uniqueness mesmerizes even the most claimant of tourists.

Rashid AL Noori, the Chairman of the Representative Office of Azerbaijan Tourism in GCC, said that tourists from UAE are showing growing interest in Azerbaijan.

“We would like visitors from UAE to go to Azerbaijan. From government representative to anyone who is looking for short serene break close to home. Some of my friends from the Police Department have already visited Azerbaijan,” he added. “Azerbaijan is a big Muslim country, with culture similar to the GCC culture. It’s also just 2 and a half hours away, with a climate that is the complete opposite of GCC especially during summer. I would recommend anyone who is looking to escape the GCC summer heat to Azerbaijan and enjoy what the country has to offer.”

Although there are many beautiful places around the world to visit, only a few of these tourism destinations can cater to Arabs and especially Muslims more than others. In Azerbaijan, Both Muslims and non-Muslims will feel more comfortable due to the Halal food, Available prayer places, diversity and security. In Azerbaijan, modernity and intellect, Islam and modern cultures, and East and West meet, therefore any visitor can have an unforgettable experience and still feel at home.

Rashid AL Noori also recalled that last year there Azerbaijan turned into the hot spot destination for GCC tourists with 30 times increase of visitors from the UAE and GCC in general, adding that the country expects an increase in the number of tourists from these countries, as well.

About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea at the southeast extremity of the Caucasus. The number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan from Muslim countries hit a new record in 2016. Results attributed to the shared culture, Halal cuisine nature, amazing climate and proximity to the GCC. Azerbaijan is currently hosting the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games that are to take place until just before Ramadan.

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