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ShieldApps Introduces Its First Software Business Editions to the Market

ShieldApps Software Innovation, a leading cyber-security and digital privacy software development company has announced its first products’ business edition release this week.


A Bold Step Into A Highly Competitive Market

For over 10 years now, ShieldApps has been deploying highly popular consumer software products, focusing on digital privacy, security and computer maintenance. While all products were technically business-compatible, the company’s marketing and strategic goals were solely consumer oriented.

“With digital security and privacy being an ever-increasing concern to both small, medium and large businesses, we have decided to formally release business editions of our leading products: Shield Antivirus, Ransomware Defender and PC Privacy Shield. Whereas the business software vertical may seem aggressive and over-competitive to most, we feel that our products can and will contribute to our business clients’ safety and digital well-being – thus be worth our efforts and investments into this expansion” said Moshe Layani, ShieldApps Software Innovations’ President.

With the business edition release, ShieldApps deploys a newly structured licensing model, offering business clients a variety of multiple end-points and multiple-years licensing options, assuring all business clients with the most effective and affordable licensing fees.

Products That Protect Your Business

PC Privacy Shield is a software product dedicated to digital footprint removal. It takes care of all information on any given end-point that can be a potential information-leak-hazard for business. Passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, phone numbers, and other similar logs are found and removed so they cannot be retrieved and abused by any 3rd party.

Shield Antivirus is ShieldApps’ flagship malware protection software designed to locate and remove any digital threat, online or offline. Viruses, trojans, ransomware and other malicious infection attempts will be detected, blocked, and reported upon instantly.

Ransomware Defender is recently released security-product designed to detect and block ransomware infection attempts. The software blacklists every ransomware related threat and isolates each potential infection. Ransomware Defender can be installed alongside 3rd party malware protection services as an additional security layer – focused on ransomware solely.

About ShieldApps

ShieldApps has over ten years’ experience in the software development and distribution markets. ShieldApps has established a spotless reputation within the tech industry by not only providing over 50 million consumers with top-tier products over the years, but also via powering multiple renowned software brand with its technical infrastructure as part of the ShieldApps White Label Program.

ShieldApps’ portfolio includes antivirus and anti-malware software, ransomware protection software, privacy enhancement applications, password management and recovery tools and hard disk maintenance tools.

Contact ShieldApps
ShieldApps Software Innovations
5042 Wilshire Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036
+1 949 207 9949

Contact Info
ShieldApps Software Innovations
5042 Wilshire Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036

Phone: +1 949 207 9949