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Are You Guys Coming on the 23rd of April? Burnage Academy for Boys Will Burn with Passion and Desire to Win

TurnerMAX and Longsight Boxing Club are together once again, this time on the 23rd April at the Burnage Academy for Boys, seeing through different fighters from various clubs competing with each other.


UK, Staffordshire 17th April, 2017: TurnerMAX and Longsight Boxing Club have decided to organize an exciting event on the 23rd of April, 2017. This should be interesting because it is being led by people who love the sport of Boxing and are willing to contribute to its progress within the UK, unconditionally. It hasn’t been long since Longsight Club established its foundations in Manchester, UK but the ideology or the vision of this institution is to take combat sports, especially boxing to the next level.

The way Mr. Omar teaches or guides his students is extraordinary. A couple of students were asked about his behavior as a coach or as a mentor. One of them answered it in an almost assertive way, “He isn’t a coach or a trainer at the club but he is more like a father or someone who is there for us in the time of need and assistance. His advice is very essential for all of us in terms of our boxing and fitness career. If someone is facing difficulty in learning the correct technique, he doesn’t scold or admonish us but deals with us as if we were more than just his students.”

There is no confusion whatsoever as far as the ability and skills of Mr. Omar are concerned. He has been a boxer himself and fought with the same passion, vigour or confidence he inculcates or transfers in his students. His eyes glimmer in the form of his students performing well not only at the Longsight Boxing Club but also at other venues and with competitors from other clubs.

To stress upon the fact that Longsight boys can give us an adrenaline charged boxing experience like none other, both Turner Sports and Longsight Club have agreed to have a day devoted to this sport and the matches held on that day will be a beacon of hope for the upcoming youngsters. The visionary Mr. Omar has always believed in never giving up and fighting till the last moment in boxing or in life in general.

On this honourable and dignified event, TurnerMAX takes pride in announcing that the boys will be wearing our vests and boxing shorts so they’ll be feeling lighter, not in a rush, taking it in their stride being extra cool on that day. All the boxing fans living in Manchester and even outsiders are welcome to join us on 23rd April. It will be a fun day as we can simultaneously consume snacks while the fighters battle it out inside the ring.

Come visit us at the “Burnage Academy for Boys”, Burnage High School for the excitement and exuberance, this sport brings to the table as the fighters stand toe-to-toe with fury and hunger to clinch victory so they can hold their head high and show the world their true mettle!

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