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Performers Wanted for the Twins & Triplets Plus Festival (H-Grand) 2016

Dancers, Musicians, Choral Choirs and Spoken Word Artists wanted


Performers are needed for the first Twins & Triplets Festival (H- Grand) in Western Canada set for August 6, 10 am to 10 pm at Ritchie Park, Edmonton. The festival will be preceded by a colourful Parade by twins and triplets and their families from all over the Prairies on Whyte Ave, the most popular street in Edmonton.

Dancers, Music Bands, Choral Choirs, and Spoken Word Artists who are interested in gaining more exposure for their careers are welcome to participate in this free event festival. Selected performers will be paid some honorarium for each performance, according to festival organizers.

Interested performers should submit an application through the festival website at

Contact Info
P. O. Box 3009
Beaumont, Alberta, T4X 1K8

Phone: 780-929-8830