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Windtalker Releases Latest CD, “Hózhó – Walking in Beauty”

The latest CD by acclaimed Native American Flute Player, Randy “Windtalker” Motz takes the listener on a hypnotic musical journey designed to relax the mind, embrace the spirit and soothe the soul.


Says Randy about the inspiration for this latest CD, “Everyone struggles with imbalance; the imbalance between health and sickness, good and evil, happiness and sadness. For the Navajo, or Dine’, the essence of their philosophy of life is to maintain a sense of balance and harmony in a world that by its very nature seeks to undermine achieving that goal. This balance is called hózhó and the word embodies the striving for balance and harmony, together with beauty and order. It is the consideration of the nature of the universe, the world, man, the nature of time and space, creation, growth, motion, order, control, and the life cycle. Every aspect of life, whether secular or spiritual, is connected to hózhó. The pursuit of this balance is called, “walking in beauty.” For several years audiences have been asking me for a CD that they can use as a soundtrack for meditation, yoga classes, or quiet reflection and “Hózhó – Walking in Beauty,” is a unique compilation of songs designed to do just that.”

Featuring solo Native American flute, ocarina, world drums, harp, guitar, orchestra, and soothing nature sounds, this 13-song CD provides a peaceful accompaniment for those desiring relaxation, peace, and comfort when situations in life challenge their hózhó and to restore their tranquility so they may again “walk in beauty.”

“Hózhó – Walking in Beauty,” and “Windtalker’s” other CDs, “Canyon Whispers” and “Native SoundScapes,” are available at Amazon and CDBaby as full CDs or as downloads.

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