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The Deuce selects Tullymore Golf Resort for 2016

Home of two distinct world-class golf courses nestled in the woodlands of Michigan; Tullymore joins other top tier resorts as the host of the 2016 Deuce


NEW YORK, N.Y. (April 16, 2016) – The Board of Directors of the Deuce has selected the destination for the fifth annual Deuce to be held July 28th – 31st.

The Deuce will take place on both the Tullymore course and the St. Ives course offering teams the opportunity to experience two challenging and unique courses. The contestants will be staying on-site at the luxurious Tullymore cottages.

“We are thrilled to take the Deuce to Tullymore this year, the site of so many big moments in amateur golf history,” said Richard Walsh, Co-Chairman of the Deuce. “There are so many factors taken into consideration when selecting the site for the Deuce, and when these components start to dance in harmony and produce a beautiful solution, we know we have found our destination. Tullymore danced with us, it spoke to us.”

The resort offers participants proximity to two courses, a top 100 course, lodging on-site, beautiful scenery and fine dining. This is the formula that has made the Deuce such a success over the past 5 years according to multiple participants.

The first four host locations all had their own ups and downs, but as a whole the committee and participants have been ecstatic with the selections. The Deuce first went to Palmetto Dunes, followed by the Omni Grove Park Inn, Nemacolin Resort and then the Omni Homestead Resort last year.

Tullymore management demonstrated their excitement and honor when asked about the Deuce selecting Tullymore as their destination for 2016. Garrett Simmons when speaking on behalf of the Tullymore said “we at Tullymore are excited to host the 5th Annual Deuce. Being able to host such a prestigious event, we did not hesitate when Co-Chairman Guy Nabors reached out to us about hosting. We are looking forward to showing the participants what true Michigan golf is.”

With the destination decided, the next step was to come up with the teams, which was completed last week at the highly-anticipated Deuce Draft. The captains of both the blue and red teams felt strongly about their selections. The Blue team captain, Michael Damrich held no punches during the press conference. Damrich said “the urban dictionary defines ‘beat the shit out of’ as ‘to beat up really, really badly. It's like nearly dying. But worse, because you lived.’ The Red team is going to wish they were never born.”

Captain Martindale exuded class and optimism during his long-winded statement to the press. Martindale said “I am honored and humbled to serve as captain of the storied Red Team for the Deuce 2016. The 5th anniversary promises to be special with a beautiful venue, challenging golf courses, and the return of Jim Dartson from paternity leave. Much thanks to all participants for not birthing children during July/August this time around and to the board for their hard work and time spent planning this year's event. The draft yielded two formidable teams. My esteemed (and frequent) opponent, Mr. Damrich, selected shrewdly and fielded a solid roster, but the Red Team intends to send his boys home disappointed and empty-handed. This squad is talented, confident, and motivated, and I think there are some latent synergies in the potential pairings that could make it even more potent than it looks on paper. Indeed, the Red Team expects victory, and I am confident that we will put in the work over the coming months that is necessary to secure it. I look forward to much dart-throwing and murking, and may the best team hoist the Clement Cup on Sunday.”

With the location and teams selected now it is smooth sailing for the Deuce participants. With all of the hype around the Deuce, expect plenty of coverage of practice and other Deuce-related events.


The Deuce was established in 2012 with the mission to provide a group of friends with a robust retreat comprised of camaraderie and competition at a world-class destination. The Deuce is an invite-only tournament consisting of twelve golfers divided amongst two teams utilizing a Ryder Cup-style scoring framework. Beyond the golf, the annual gathering includes copious amounts of gambling, fine dining and friendly discourse.

Discover two distinct world-class courses, beautifully crafted by highly acclaimed architects, and offering their own unique experiences. Like “the whisper of the forest tree and the thunder of the inland sea”, these two courses “unite in one grand symphony” and will leave you wondering why you’re not here right now.

Reclaimed from land carved by ancient glaciers, Tullymore Golf Resort is nestled amongst 800 acres of pristine Michigan woodlands and wetlands. Our resort facilities include luxuriously appointed accommodations and premium amenities such as a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, and two comfortable clubhouses. And the Villages at Tullymore offer the opportunity to truly make us your home away from home.

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